Institute Street House Blend

Institute Street House Blend

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Taste Notes: Roasted Hazelnut, Chocolate Fudge, Raw Sugar, Balanced Body

Origins: Mexico & Guatemala (Aprocafe - Lake Atitlan & Oaxaca - Casimiro Garcia Lopez)

Process: Washed

Institute Street is home to our original cafe and roastery. We kind of love it there, and so we wanted to pay homage to the place that we call our first home by building a blend that combines all of the comforting and welcoming flavors that everyone knows and loves.  This is your great everyday drinker and the best coffee to start yourself and friends who do not know speciality coffee.  It's smooth and rich chocolate fudge yet sweet and balanced body.    

To do this, we sought out coffees that delivered, above all, balance. We landed on two coffees from the powerhouse coffee producing countries of Guatemala and Mexico, roasted them carefully to bring out complex sweetness, a big body and balanced acidity, and then blended them, bringing out what we believe is the best that both of these coffees have to offer. Now from our home to yours, we hope you enjoy.

The Guatemala we sourced in collaboration with Huckleberry Roasters in Denver, CO and this blender Guatemala is from the AProCafe group in Lake Atitlan.  It's a beautiful coffee and our 6th year bringing this coffee in as its beautifully complex and sweet.  The Mexico we sourced from our friends at Red Fox Coffee Merchants.