Have a question for us? Here's some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you're not finding what you're looking for, reach out to us here!


I'm interested in a job at Switchback, how can I apply?
You can easily apply by clicking here. We will look over your application and get back to you as soon as possible!
I want to serve Switchback Coffee at my business. How can I do this?
Find our inquiry page here. Or you can always email wholesale@switchbackroasters.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Do you have parking?
Shooks Run Cafe - Although we don't have dedicated parking for our cafe, there is plenty of free parking on the street out front. We recommend parking on Boulder Street east or west of the cafe. 
Hillside Cafe - We have plenty of off street parking and a parking lot right next to our building. 
Do you serve food at your cafes?
Yes! We have a variety of food options including pastries, breakfast, lunch and snacks. Almost everything on our menu has an option for it to be vegan and/or gluten free, so there is something for everyone!
What espresso do you use?
In our cafes, you have the choice between our single origin of the month and our Golden Age Blend. If you order an espresso, and we use it in our milk-based drinks that are 6oz and under, we recommend the single origin of the month. For milk based drinks that are over 6oz, we recommend our Golden Age Blend!
Can you grind my coffee?
Absolutely! If you purchase a retail coffee from us in store or receive one as a gift, we can grind it for you. Just bring it into one of our cafes and we’ll take care of it.
Do you have patio seating?
Both of our cafes have open-air patio seating for either to-go or for-here service. We do not allow smoking within our patio seating.
Do you allow pets in the cafe?
We do not allow pets inside the cafe. Service animals are permitted as long as they are marked appropriately.
What holidays are you closed?
We are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Adjustments in hours for any other occasion or holiday will be posted on our social media and at our physical locations.


When do you roast and ship your coffee?
We roast on Mondays and Thursdays and ship out the day after, on Tuesdays and Fridays. If your order is submitted before 8:00 am on a roast day, it will go out the next day. Depending on where you live, shipping takes between one to five days. So when you get your coffee, it will be between two to six days old. 
Do you carry organic coffee?
At Switchback our coffee sourcing philosophy is to seek out the highest quality coffees. We do not specifically seek out organic coffees . We do occasionally have an organic coffee in our line-up, however we don't advertise them as organic. Feel free to contact us at info@switchbackroasters.com for more information on this, and we can point you towards our organic coffees.
Do you carry fair trade coffee?
The short answer is yes and no. We very rarely buy coffee that is labeled as fair-trade. We source our coffees directly ourselves in partnership with other roasters and through people that have direct relationships with the farmers. Essentially we are buying coffees at prices that are far above fair-trade prices. Fair-trade unfortunately doesn't guarantee fair wages, sustainability for the farmer or quality coffee, so we generally use other means to source our coffee. 
How long should after the roast date should I wait to drink my coffee?
If you're brewing filter coffee (drip coffee, pourover, french press, aeropress, etc), we recommend that you wait at least three days after roasting before you start brewing. This gives the coffee enough time to release some of the gases that were produced during roasting, making for a more consistent, tastier coffee. For espresso, we like to wait at least seven days.
Can you pre-grind my coffee?
Yes! Just add an order note to your order and let us know how you plan to brew your coffee and we will grind it for you. 
What is the Mild to Adventurous scale?
The Mild to Adventurous Scale on our bags refers to the expected flavors in coffee. If the scale is marked more towards Mild, you can expect flavors like nuts, dry wine, bakers chocolate, etc. With coffees marked more towards Adventures, you can expect flavors like citrus, floral, fruit, etc. Typically, but not always, the more Adventures the coffee, the lighter we usually roast it.


When will my subscription ship?
Depending on what day of the week your subscription order is placed, it will ship out the following Tuesday or Friday. 
How often do you change out the Roasters Choice?
The Roasters Choice coffee ships out a different single origin coffee with every shipment. We change the coffee every Monday. We unfortunately don't offer substitutions with this product. 
How do I change the frequency of my subscription?
To change the frequency of your subscription please follow these steps: 
- Click the person icon on the top right corner of your screen. 
- Log in to your account.
- Under "Subscription" select "Edit". 
Select a new frequency then select "Save". 
How do I skip a shipment?
To skip an order, please follow these steps: 
- Click the person icon on the top right corner of your screen. 
- Log in to your account. 
- Scroll down to "Billing Schedule" Manage Subscription.
- Select "Skip Payment" next to the order you would like to skip.
 - Your subscription will skip that order and resume on the following order. 
How do I pause/cancel my subscription?
To pause/cancel your subscription, please follow these steps: 
- Click the person icon on the top right corner of your screen.
- Log in to your account.
- Scroll down to the orange and red buttons that say "Pause my Subscription" and "Cancel my Subscription"
- Select the option right for you. 
"Pause my Subscription" will temporarily pause your subscription until you unpause your subscription. "Cancel my Subscription" will permanently cancel your subscription. 
How do I update my billing/shipping information?
To update your shipping  information, please follow these steps: 
- Click the person icon on the top right corner of your screen.
- Log in to your account.
- Navigate to the "Shipping" section and select "Edit".
- Make any necessary edits then select "Save". 

To change your billing information, please follow these steps:
- Navigate to the "Billing" section and select "Edit".
- It will send an email to your contact with steps to change your billing information.