Cream & Sugar Blend

Cream & Sugar Blend

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Taste Notes: Dark Chocolate, Toasted Marshmallow, Heavy Body

Farm & Region: Rwanda & Mexico (Cymbili - Rutsiro & Oaxaca - Casimiro Garcia Lopez)

Process: Washed

We are proud to offer a new blend starting 2022!  This blend was crafted by our incredible roasting team with cream and sugar in mind.  It's more of a medium roast bringing out the deep chocolate notes in the coffee, but also roasted for a deeper solubility so that it can stand up to all of our friends who love to add a little cream and sugar.  This coffee is best served via a filter brewer in order to bring out its chocolate notes and the marshmallow sweetness.  However, this coffee is also a great everyday drinker for those who prefer a darker taste and profile.  Perhaps a perfect coffee to first introduce to your folks who have drank deeper roasted coffees.  

This blend consists of our Rwanda Cymbili's Lake Kivu coffee, that we sourced together with Saint Frank and our other friends through the Bonaventure Coffee Project.  It also has our Mexico, roasted a tad longer, from our friends at Red Fox Coffee Merchants.  We're sure you'll love this coffee and you'll be excited to share it!