Guatemala - Lucinda Puac Perez
Guatemala - Lucinda Puac Perez

Guatemala - Lucinda Puac Perez

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Taste Notes: Honey Dew, Grapefruit, Cane Sugar, Complex

Region: Aldea Pasajquim, Lake Atitlan

Process: Washed, Dry Fermented & Patio Dried

Altitude: 1933-2200m

Varietals: Bourbon

We're excited to offer another coffee from our friends at AProCafe Atitlan in Guatemala near Lake Atitlan. This coffee comes from a woman-owned coffee farm, and we've sourced this coffee through our friends at Huckleberry in Denver as we've been working with them for our Guatemalas for the last few years. Lucinda Puac Perez is a new farmer for us to work with and we're really excited to bring you her coffee.  

This coffee is is washed and dry fermented and patio dried.  It's a solid bourbon varietal and it has an juicy acidity like a ripe honey dew melon.  It also has some tart fruit notes resembling a grapefruit, some deep sweet sugary notes like cane sugar and the body is complex.  We're sure you'll love this coffee as much as we did.