Ethiopia Anderacha - Washed

Ethiopia Anderacha - Washed

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Taste Notes: White Peach, Rose, Nectarine, Complex Body 

Farm: Abana Coffee Estates - Gera, Limu

Altitude (1,930-2,200 m)

Our strong relationship with our friends at Abana Coffee Estates has allowed us the privilege of being able to carry this amazing coffee for 3 years and running. This coffee is a staff and regular favorite, living on the adventurous side of our coffee line-up.

Shade and rainforest grown at an altitude of between 1,930 to 2,200 meters, this coffee has a long growing season that allows the coffee cherries to ripen at a pace that encourages fruity flavors and playful acidity that is well represented through many brewing methods. We are reminded of ripe peaches, gentle floral notes, and juicy nectarines when our team enjoys this coffee. We hope that you will be too!