El Salvador - Las Delicias Pacamara - Miguel Menendez

El Salvador - Las Delicias Pacamara - Miguel Menendez

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Taste Notes: Baked Pineapple, Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, Sweet & Complex

Farm & Region: Las Delicias - Miguel Menendez - Apaneca, Ilamatepeq

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1000m

Varietals: Pacamara

Miguel Menendez and family cultivate and process coffee with excellence!  They've won previous Cup of Excellence awards for some of their coffees and thus this is our 7th year getting coffee from this family.  We love our direct relationship with the Menendez family and have visited this farm and family two times as a roasting company including walking the hills of Las Delicias.  

We have not gotten this pacamara varietal for a few years as it's an interesting coffee to roast.  The beans are much larger than usual beans and thus to apply heat and bring out just the right sugars can be a challenge.  The past few years we've just brought in other lots with very unique tastes like the Soto Tree Natural or the Peach.  But this year, we were excited to get our hands back on the pacamara and our roasting team were able to bring out some wonderful complex flavors like that of a baked pineapple - sweet and rich sugar, with the nuttiness of a roasted hazelnut and the richness of a milk chocolate.  This coffee also has an incredible smooth and complex mouthfeel so you'll be enjoying every minute of it's taste!