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The Story - 
The 'Golden Age' - a time in which a specific art, skill or activity was reaching its peak. Now, we don't think coffee has reached its peak yet, in fact, we think we have a ways to go. But nonetheless, we wanted to pay homage to the flavours that so many people have come to love in a 'classic' espresso, all while continuing to push the boundaries of high-quality coffee and new flavour experience. This is that homage, a perfect marriage between the balanced and full-bodied flavours of the old, and the sweet, fruity flavours of the new. 
We want this coffee to be able to do it all - give comfort to those that just need a 'cuppa joe', while converting even the most stubborn coffee drinkers to speciality with it's complex, sweet flavours. Golden Age has become our go-to coffee, we pull it as standard in our cafes, and recommend it to anyone that's looking for a staple espresso option. It's easy to dial in, consistent year-round, works with and without milk and, most importantly, it's freaking delicious. 
Blend Philosophy - 
One of the most important things in coffee, and this is no less true in blends, is FRESHNESS! You'll never find us putting old, past-crop coffees in a blend, and we promise not to buy 'blender' coffees that we don't think tastes great on their own. A good blend is a sum of it's parts, and so you've gotta start with good parts.
When it comes to selecting which coffees we want to put in a blend, we have to start with a goal in mind - and for Golden Age, that's sweetness, body and balance. From there, we go about selecting coffees that we think will come together to achieve that goal. We've spent a while trying to find fresh coffees that can come together to create this harmonious balance and we like to think that this is the closest we've gotten yet. 
Transparency - 
Colombia San Fermin - 
The coffee that makes up the majority of our blend (75%) is a washed, mixed variety lot from the southern part of Tolima. Here, coffee from dozens of different producers is blended together to create a larger, more consistent lot representative of the region. We're lucky that the producers here harvest up to three times a year, and we buy coffee from each harvest, meaning that we always have some fresh crop available for our blend. We paid $3.34 per pound for this coffee, and it was brought in by our friends at Caravela Coffee. We cupped it at an 86.
 - The commodity price of coffee at the time of purchase was $1.02
Ethiopia Natural Koke - 
Bringing big sweetness and subtle, fruity complexity to Golden Age is this natural Ethiopia from the Koke Co-operative in Yirgacheffe. This is a delicious, classic example of a natural Ethiopia, and works well as a compliment to San Fermin. We paid $4.45 per pound for this coffee and cupped it at an 88. Our friends at Ally Coffee helped brought this coffee in for us. 
- The commodity price of coffee at the time of purchase was $1.04
Brewing Information - 
While we do design this blend with espresso in mind, we find it makes delicious filter coffee as well! But, let's start by discussing it's original purpose - espresso. 
Espresso - 
- 20g Dose
- 42g Yield
- 26 - 30 Seconds
- 5 Second Preinfusion ramping up to 6 bars of pressure. 
(or whatever you like, this coffee makes deliciousness an easy target)
If this coffees underextracted, you'll get really bright citrus, not a lot of sweetness and a quick finish. If it's just a little underextracted, it will taste quite plain and just like 'coffee'. If it's overextracted, you'll get a bitter finish and muddled flavours. When dialed, you'll taste ripe stone fruits like cherry and plum, lots of chocolate and nutty sweetness, and a sweet finish that lingers. 
Filter Coffee - 
When we brew this coffee as a filter, we like to use the Kalita wave, or just a big batch brewer! Since this coffee tastes good at such a wide range of extractions, it remains super versatile through most brew methods! 
Kalita Wave -  
- 26g dose
- 400g yield
- ~4 min brew time
We start with a nice big 75g bloom, give it a good stir and let it bloom for 30 seconds. We then do a single pour all the way up to 250g, and finish with 50g pulses every 20-30seconds, and aim to finish draining in around 4:00. Expect a sweet cup full of caramel and milk chocolate, a juicy acidity and silky body.