Peru Lima

The Story -

Coffee has been growing in Peru since the 1700s, and is the 5th largest producer of arabica coffee in the world but, until recently, production has been mainly focused on large lots of organic coffee used in lower quality blends, and even instant coffee for domestic consumption. Despite this, many small producers in Peru have remained focused on producing high quality micro-lots of coffee.

Now, with the introduction of the Cup of Excellence in the country last year, the international spotlight is on the country, and the focus is shifting away from the big, organic lots, and towards high-quality, single origin microlots.

Nerdy Coffee Stuff -

Rony Lavan, president of Lima Coffees, is a young, ambitious cupper with a drive to push Peru’s specialty coffee industry into the spotlight. He has spent countless hours seeking out top quality producers and top scoring micro-lots, and has found himself at the fore of micro-lot quality coffees in Cajamarca. So much so, that in his first year with Lima Coffees, he entered the national competition; and won.  

This coffee is a macro-lot that Rony put together himself, by blending some of the top scoring micro-lots from around Lima. This coffee is just a glimpse into the quality that we can hope to see coming of of Peru in the very near future.

Transparency -

We brought this coffee in via our friends at Cafe Imports. We paid $3.09 per pound, and cupped it at an 85.5.

  • The commodity price for coffee at the time of purchase was $1.19

Brewing Information -

Filter Coffee - Kalita Wave

22g in - 350g out - 1:15.9 ratio     60g bloom for 30 seconds with a stir. Then, pour to 200g, finishing the pour at 1:00. Next, pour two 50g blooms every 15 seconds. Total brew time should be 3:30 - 4:00.

This coffee is all about sweetness and sugar browning flavours. The Kalita emphasises the sweetness, while lending itself well to this coffees creamy body. Look for comforting flavours of caramel and chocolate, stewed fruits, and a slight red grape acidity.

Espresso -

19.5g in - 38g out - 27 seconds

As espresso this coffee is sweet and creamy. Look for caramel, transitioning into milk chocolate, with a mild orange acidity. Works nice in milk too, tasting like brownie batter!