Our Story

Brandon DelGrosso’s passion for forging meaningful connections ignited the inception of Switchback Coffee Roasters in 2010, making him a prime driving force behind specialty coffee in Colorado Springs. Since then Switchback has been dedicated to cultivating strong relationships in every facet of business. 


Specialty coffee is so much more than just beans. Here at Switchback we are all about creating meaningful relationships with farmers who are passionate for producing superior quality coffee and delivering an exceptional experience to every cup served! Learn how we source and roast our beans


Switchback has a genuine passion for sourcing local ingredients and supporting local businesses! In 2015, we created memorable experiences by having nearby food trucks visit our Shooks Run cafe. Fast forward to today — the team is now serving up farm-fresh dishes filled with delicious ingredients sourced right from local Colorado farms. Take a look at all of our local farmer relationships.


In just seven short years, Switchback has grown from its humble beginnings in Old Colorado City to two thriving cafes located in small neighborhoods of the city. We take pride in our mission to foster meaningful connections between diverse communities and create a genuine sense of belonging every cup at a time! Visit our Shooks run Cafe or Hillside Cafe