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The Story -

Mexico is often overlooked as a country that produces quality coffee, but there are certainly some deliciously sweet coffees coming out of the southern end of the country. Crop to Cup was one of the early advocates for Mexican specialty coffee imports in the US, and they’ve consistently been able to source some wonderful lots. This coffee, from the Sierra Sur sub-region of Oaxaca grows in the rolling hills that line the region, and is produced by 30 small-holder producers in the area. A great combination of Typica varieties and high altitudes has produced a wonderfully sweet and balanced cup.


Transparency -

We bought this coffee through our friends at Crop to Cup, and paid $3.37 a pound. We cupped this coffee at 85.5

  • The commodity price of coffee at the time of purchase was $1.02

Brew Guide -

We’ve been brewing this coffee up on the Kalita Wave at a 1:15 ratio. This ratio emphasises the sweet, sugary elements of this coffee and highlights it’s creamy texture.

Total brew time has been around 2:45. When it’s over-extracted, you’ll get bitter dark chocolate, and not a lot of juicy stone fruit notes. When under-extracted, you’ll get bright, unbalanced citrus.

In the cup, it’s all about sweet sugar-browning notes. You’ll find chocolate flavours, sweet sugar cookie and juicy dark fruits like cherry.