Kossa Geshe Natural

The Story - 

 Abdulwahid, the manager of Kossa Geshe, is a man with incredible intensity, and the rate in which he continues to improve the estate is astounding. And, fresh off of a good food awards win in 2017, the challenge shifted not just to improvement, but trying to understand just how to improve a coffee that is already crushing it.

Fortunately for us, though, Abdul is a man that never stops. Last year, he says, he put every penny that he made back into the farm, and the improvements that have been made are immediately obvious; two brand new dorm buildings for his workers, three new kitchens, more bathrooms and handwashing stations, and even a kindergarten. All of this while continuing to push coffee quality, and building a 75,000 sq ft drying patio.

All this to say, we are super excited to have been able to get some coffee from Kossa Geshe and Abdul, as it is not only fantastic, but it’s inspiring to see a coffee operation push themselves like they do.

Nerdy Coffee Stuff - 

Abdul is a stickler for intentionally done, precise coffee processing. After coffee cherries are delivered to the washing station, they are placed onto raised beds, were they are sorted, and begin to dry, for an hour or two. He considers starting the drying process on raised beds as vitally important.

Last year, when he won the good food award, Abdul then moved the coffee from a raised bed, to a tarp on the ground to finish drying. This year however, he wanted to try drying them on a patio. This was a risky move though; why mess with a good thing? To convince his buyers that this was a good idea, he dried three small lots of coffee, one on raised beds, on on the ground, and one on the patio. To everyone’s surprise (except Abdul’s), the patio dried coffee was the best; clearer acidity, more sweetness and more even drying.

It’s that patio dried coffee that you are tasting today! The final drying time was 10 - 13 days, and we are SO happy with how this coffee turned out.

Traceability - 

We brought this coffee in with our friends at Crop to Cup, who we have worked with to bring in a few of our Ethiopian coffees this year. Kossa Geshe is one of their longest standing Ethiopian relationships, and the work they have done with each other has been amazing. We paid $5.01 per lb, and cupped it at an 89.

Brew Guide - 

Filter Coffee - V60

21g in - 320g out - 1:15.2 ratio     60g bloom for 30 seconds with a stir. Then pour the rest of the water in slow concentric circles. Finish pouring between 1:00 - 1:10 and finish draining between 2:30 - 3:00                                                                                                                   

For filter coffee, I think this coffee works best in the V60. The acidity that makes this natural so special really pops in this brew method. Other than that, it’s a pretty forgiving coffee. I’m liking shorter brew times around 2:30 - 3:00 max. It’s pretty soluble, so stick to the coarser end of your usual V60 grind. Although I like the V60 the best, it really does work nicely in all pourover brewers, and even batch brew.

Espresso -

18g in - 34-36g out - 26-28 secs

This coffee makes a wild and jammy espresso. The intense berry notes become amplified, think cherry, strawberry and raspberry. There’s also this juicy nectarine going on, and it finishes with candied watermelon. Really, really tasty. This coffee works fantastic as a base for a more wild milk drink too, all the way up to a latte. In milk, this tastes just like strawberries and cream.