Have a question for us? Here's a list of commonly asked questions. If you're not finding what you're looking for, reach out to us here!


I'm interested in a job at Switchback, how can I apply?

You can always drop off your resume at one of our cafes! If you would like more information about positions at Switchback, please send a cover letter explaining your interest with a resume to cafe@switchbackroasters.com

I want to serve Switchback coffee at my business, how can i do this?

Email wholesale@switchbackroasters.com and we will get back to you!

When do you roast and ship your coffee?

We roast on Mondays and Thursdays and ship out the day after, on Tuesdays and Fridays. If your order is in before 8:00 am on a roast day, it will go out the next day.  

How fresh will my coffee be when it arrives?

We ship our coffee the day after it's roasted, and depending where you live, shipping takes between one and five days most likely via USPS Priority. So when you get your coffee, it will be between two and six days old. 


Do you carry organic coffee?

At Switchback our coffee sourcing philosophy is to seek out the highest quality, cleanest and most delicious specialty coffees that we can find, and, as such, we do not specifically seek out organic coffees. We do occasionally have an organic coffee in our line-up, however we don't advertise them as organic. Feel free to contact us at info@switchbackroasters.com for more information on this, and we can point you towards our organic coffees.

Is your coffee fair-trade?

We very rarely buy coffee that is labeled as fair-trade. We are buying our coffees at prices that are far above fair-trade price, directly ourselves, in partnership with other roasters or through people that have a direct relationship with the farmers. Fair-trade unfortunately doesn't guarantee fair wages, sustainability for the farmer or quality coffee, so we generally use other means to source our coffee. 

How long should I wait to drink my coffee after the roast date?

If you're brewing filter coffee (drip coffee machine, pourover, french press, aeropress), we recommend that you wait at least three days after roasting before you start brewing. This gives the coffee enough time to release some of the gases that were produced during roasting, making for a more consistent, tastier coffee. For espresso, we like to wait at least seven days.

Can you pre-grind my coffee for me?

Yes! Just let us know how you plan to brew your coffee and we will grind it for you. 


Do you serve food at your cafes?

Yes! We serve a variety of food from pastries, to full meals. Almost everything on our menu has an option for it to be vegan and/or gluten free, so there is something for everyone!

Do you have wifi?


Do you have parking?

Institute - We unfortunately don't have dedicated parking for our cafe, but there is ample free parking on the street out front. We recommend parking on Boulder Street east or west of the cafe.  

Hillside- We have plenty of off street parking and a parking lot beside and behind our building.