Peru Irisuyoc - Andres Lancho
Peru Irisuyoc - Andres Lancho

Peru Irisuyoc - Andres Lancho

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Flavor Notes: Apricot, Mango, Roasted Hazelnut, Juicy

This is our 1st year bringing you coffee from Andres Lancho Choccata in Peru.  It's from the Cusco region and the Yanatile Valley and is grown on the farm Irisuyoc.  We are excited to partner with Red Fox Coffee Merchants to bring in this coffee.  It is a typica and pache coffee that's been washed.  The clarity of this coffee is incredibly fruity.  

"Andres has been farming for over 18 years on his farm Irisuyoc. The farm extends 11 hectares where 5 hectares is used for cultivating typica and pache variety coffee. The harvest season in this area is July-August. Ripe cherry is picked then separated for any defects in a tank full of water. After separation, cherry is then depulped and fermented for 18 hours in water to remove the remainder of the fruit. Clean parchment coffee is dried on raised beds for 13 days." - from Red Fox

As we tasted this coffee, it had an incredible citric acidity of apricot.  We noticed some fantastic fruitiness of a mango and it's flavor of roasted hazelnut and it's body is juicy.   


Region: Yanatile Valley, Cusco

Farm/Mill: Andres Lancho Choccata - Irisuyoc

Process: Washed

Variety: Typica & Pache

Altitude: 1840m