Guatemala San Jorge
Guatemala San Jorge

Guatemala San Jorge

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Flavor Notes - Yellow Apple, White Grape, Plum, Buttery

Santos Tzoc Jorge has been a member of the AProCafé (Associación del Productores del Café) el Grano Growers Association for several years, but 2018/2019 was his first harvest submitting coffee for microlot evaluation. 

Santos Tzoc, like most of the AProCafe farmers in the aldeas above San Juan, processes his coffee on-farm. The communities of Panyebar and Pasajquim are too far from the association’s central wet mill to deliver coffee on any but the biggest pickings of harvest.  Panyebar is an aldea or village that is technically part of the San Juan municipality on Lake Atitlan, but in reality is over the hill and a separate community. By road, it is closer to Santa Clara la Laguna than it is to San Juan.

We were super excited to work with Santos this year as they have some amazing coffee.  We partnered with Huckleberry Coffee in Denver to bring this coffee in and have been blowing our minds.  This has an incredible malic acidity and juiciness of a yellow apple.  It also has a drying taste like a white grape.  The body is full and juicy like biting into a fresh plum.  And the whole coffee coats your mouth like a rich butter.  You're sure to enjoy this coffee as much as we have.  

Region: Panyebar, San Juan la Laguna

Producer: Santos Tzoc Julian Jorge

Process: Washed, Patio-Dried

Altitude: 1800-1850m

 Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai