Ethiopia Anderacha - Abana Coffee Estates

Ethiopia Anderacha - Abana Coffee Estates

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Taste Notes: Watermelon, Ripe Plum, Strawberry, Juicy Body

Farm & Region: Abana Coffee Estates - Gera, Lima

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1933-2200m

Varietals: Heirloom

This coffee from Abana Coffee Estates is an every year adventure for us!  This coffee is a crowd favorite because its super fruity and incredibly tasty.  Its processed naturally with a cherry ferment prior to its natural processing.  The first taste you'll get is a fruity bouquet of watermelon, ripe plum and strawberries.  This year's natural is much more complex and deep in it's sweetness thus its taste is more of a ripe plum and watermelon over the last few year's taste of watermelon candy.  The complexity in sweetness will definitely keep you coming back.  The juiciness of the coffee continues from start to finish and the body just makes you keep wanting to drink more.  

This is our 3rd year working with Abana Coffee States and the Omran family and our 3rd year getting the Anderacha.  From Mike: "Abana Coffee Farm is social business started by the Omran family in a gorgeous rain forest at 6250-7217 feet above sea level.  Our focus has been this 1 private farm in Gera area of Ethiopia that is a 300 hectares 100% shade grown farm.  Our goal has always been to produce amazing and unique coffees while impacting the farm and local community for the better."  Abana is all about quality and excellent in everything they do and why we work with them.