El Salvador Soto - Miguel Menendez
El Salvador Soto - Miguel Menendez

El Salvador Soto - Miguel Menendez

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Taste Notes: Cherry, Nougat, Dried Cranberry, Full

Region: Apaneca, Ilamatepeq

Process: Tree Dried Natural

Altitude: 1000m

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Miguel Menendez and family do coffee well!  They've won previous Cup of Excellence awards for some of their coffees and now keep coming up with fun processing methods to keep their cups unique and flavorful.  This is our 6th year getting coffee from this family but our first time getting this unique coffee.  Miguel Jr. says "the tree dried coffee is a very rare thing.  It happens when you find a spot in a farm where the cherry maturity is extremely even, and the weather pattern is very dry at point of maturity. It can only be done in very small lots, because you need to monitor the spot very closely.  You take the cherries hanging on the tree up to 30% humidity, then you pick it at once, and finish the drying process to 12% humidity on African beds."

We love our direct relationship with the Menendez family and have visited this farm and family two times as a roasting company.  For this coffee we noticed it had a tart fruit taste like cherry and dried cranberry.  It also has a very fun nougat flavor throughout, which is creamier than a milk chocolate but lighter than a true rich chocolatey taste.  It has a full body and it's rich and tasty.  Give this unique coffee and it's processing method a taste, you won't regret it.