Rwanda Cyimbili - Anaerobic

Rwanda Cyimbili - Anaerobic

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Taste Notes: Tangerine, Hazelnut, Cocoa, Velvety Body

Farm & Region: Cyimbili Coffee Plantation - Rutsiro

Process: Anaerobic 

This is our 1st year working with Cymbili's coffees, although our good friends at Saint Frank Coffee have been working with this farm since 2014.  In 2020, Saint Frank was key in helping them explore their potential through various processing methods as well as helping this group think through farm mechanics and processes.  Together with other Boneventure partners, we brought in a whole container of green from this area to begin a long term, deeply sustainable partnership.  

We have three coffees from this farm, one coffee is a major component of our blends, and two others we're excited to offer as a single origin.  This coffee was processed via anaerobic fermentation giving it the rich fruity profile and delicious acidity of a tangerine and hazelnut.  However, this coffee also has a rich cocoa flavor giving it a complex chocolate flavor combined with its velvety body.  

We look forward to serving you this coffee and bringing you this coffee for years to come!