Burundi Ninga Hill Natural - Long Miles Coffee Project

Burundi Ninga Hill Natural - Long Miles Coffee Project

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Taste Notes: Pecan, Caramel, Cocoa, Full-Bodied

Region: Ningaland, Kayanza

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1800-2000m


Long Miles Coffee Project is an amazing project that started in Burundi as a way to engage with local farmers, create washing stations to help those farmers, and begin to enhance community through coffee education and production.  Ben and the team of Long Miles have done an incredible job with their first "hills" that hey begin their washing stations on...and continue to add incredible coffee each year as they build more washing stations.  We began our relationship with Ben and the Long Miles team 5 years ago and we continue to bring their coffee every year.  

Ninga Hill is unique in that the farmers around this washing station have been cultivating delicious coffee but unfortunately due to regulations, they haven't had their washing station built yet (it's recently been finished).  Together with Provision and Saint Frank Coffee, we bought up all the Ninga Hill coffee as naturals in order to keep this Long Miles initiative going.  This coffee has the incredible taste of strawberry lemonade - tart and fruity, with a richness of a fig jam and cherries.  The mouthfeel is quite balanced and juicy.  You will love this coffee as much as you love Long Miles Coffee project.