Burundi Gaharo Hill Lot 89 Natural

Burundi Gaharo Hill Lot 89 Natural

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Flavor Notes - Strawberries, Jasmine, Peach, Marshmallow

Back for the third year, we're as excited as ever to share some amazing coffees from the Long Miles Coffee Project with you! This year, we got three lots, all from the same hill, just different processes. This third coffee we're releasing is, lot 89, expresses the terroir of Gaharo Hill beautifully and the sweetness you'd expect from a natural processed coffee, with juicy strawberries and peach, and a floral hint of jasmine with a creamy texture like that a of a marshmallow.  Many times as we tasted it we thought we were tasting strawberries and cream!   

Region: Kayanza Province, Northern Burundi

Farm/Mill: Gaharo Hill, Bukeye Washing Station

Producer: Long Miles Coffee Project

Process: Natural

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1680m - 2057m